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Courses Offered


Students of B.Tech./B.Sc./M.Tech./M.Sc./Research Scholars of any field in life-sciences or Biotechnology and of B.Pharm./M.Pharm. can apply for these training programs given below:

Bioinformatics (Dry Lab) Training and Project Program
on Our Campus
Registration Fees Rs. 500/- Including Course Fees
Special Courses Available for 1 Month-45 hrs. (Fees: Rs. 10,500/-)
Course Code Course Name & Structure
Module BI-SP1
Module BI-SP2

Courses Available for 15 Days (Fees: Rs. 3,500/-)

Course Code Course Name & Structure
Module BI-A1
Module BI-A2
Module BI-A3
Module BI-A4
Module BI-A5
Module BI-A6
Courses Available for 1 Month (Fees: Rs. 6,500/-)
Course Code Course Name & Structure
Module BI-B1
Module BI-B2
Module BI-B3
Module BI-B4
Module BI-B5
Module BI-B6
Module BI-B7
Module BI-B8
Module BI-B9
Courses Available for 45 Days (Fees: Rs. 8,000/-)
Course Code Course Name & Structure
Module BI-C1
Module BI-C2
Module BI-C3
Module BI-C4
Module BI-C5
Module BI-C6
Module BI-C7
Courses Available for 2 Months (Fees: Rs. 10,500/-)
Course Code Course Name & Structure
Module BI-D1
Module BI-D2
Module BI-D3
Module BI-D4
For Projects/Dissertation/Industrial Training/Diploma Topics Available:
3 Months (Fees: Rs. 13,000/-)
4.5 Months (Fees: Rs. 19,000/-)
6 Months (Fees: Rs. 25,000/-)
1 Year (Fees: Rs. 49,000/-)
Course Code Course Name & Structure
Module BI-E1 Bioinformatics
Module BI-E2 Microarray Data Analysis
Module BI-E3 Computer Aided Drug Designing
Module BI-E4 Molecular Modeling
Module BI-E5 Software Development (Perl and Bioperl)
Module BI-E6 Database Development (HTML, PHP, MySQL)
Module BI-E7 Molecular Modeling and Drug Designing with Immunoinformatics
Module BI-E8 Advance Bioinformatics and Basic and Elective Clinical Research
Module BI-E9 Advance Bioinformatics and Base SAS
Module BI-E10 Bioinformatics, Drug Designing, Immunoinformatics and Clinical Research
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